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The Trolly Problem

The Trolley Problem is a (now) classic problem that forces people to make a serious moral decision. The general format of the problem is as follows:  You are alone at the controls of a runaway trolley barreling toward five people who would most certainly die. The brakes and controls (horn, doors, etc) do not work... Continue Reading →

The Beauty and Flaws in Metaphors, Similes, and Symbolism

An interesting part of human behavior is the way we learn and share stories or lessons. Taking this observation and applying it to the history of any people, one will find that metaphors, symbols, and similes are everywhere - ingrained into our language and culture. To define these terms in my own words, metaphors and... Continue Reading →

The Jedi Legacy

Having been a big Star Wars fan (movies and the now obsolete extended universe, of course), I kept finding deep anti-democratic, anti-liberty, anti-individualist sentiment within the Jedi order – I saw this attitude so often within the original, prequel, and books, it seems almost like a theme for the Jedi. When one sees the immoral,... Continue Reading →

The Mind of the Market [Book Review]

As I was finishing The Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer (of which I have a signed copy), I was having a discussion with a fellow business major. This hard-headed, toddler-like buffoon was no stranger to less than critical thinking – but since he asked about the book I was reading, I told him.... Continue Reading →

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