What is the Enlightenment?

The following is an excerpt from my book Public Administration and Enlightenment Ethics  The Enlightenment was a philosophical revolution that grew out of Europe in the 16th century and spread to the Americas in the 17th and 18th century (Szalay, 2016). This movement, also referred to as the Age of Reason is often contrasted against... Continue Reading →

On Woman’s Suffrage and Liberty (The Woman’s Suffrage Movement book review)

May 2020 Dear X and Y,  I took part in a feminist book club here on my University’s Campus. Main reason being I do not know a lot about the women's suffrage movement, it was a free club, and it included a free book! I learned a lot and they had extra books so I... Continue Reading →

The Thomas Jefferson Series

[NOTE: On my old blog I wrote a series on Thomas Jefferson regarding hatred toward him, his views on slavery and religion, and the Sally Hemmings scandal. The goal was to address misinformation about the best most intelligent United States President. Here is the series in full - C.B. Scott] The stereotypical god-like praise for... Continue Reading →

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