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60x30TX Program Evaluation

This study used a grounded theory to evaluate the progress and feasibility of the Texas Higher Coordinating Board’s (THECB) 60x30TX program (60x30TX; the program). Through research into the data compiled by THECB, Texas Public University information, qualitative analysis, as well as select interviews with individuals involved in the program, this research helps to determine if the program was implemented as intended and if the main goal is attainable. The following research has found that while the state of Texas has experienced a moderate growth in college enrollment compared to the national average, falls short of the goals and benchmarks set by the THECB. The program, as a whole, focuses on informing students and parents on college options, but fails to provide continued support throughout college. The concluding recommendation is to offer more financial assistance and guidance through university financial aid offices and state-funded mini-grants.

Financial Aid Through the Ages

University of Bolonga in Bolonga, Italy. In the Beginning: Financial Aid 1080 - 1944 Financial aid is a much older concept than many imagine. To go back to the beginning of financial aid as an institution, one must look as far back as 1088 CE at the University of Bologna. Originally created by a... Continue Reading →

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