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Title IX Guidance Changes and Challenges

Title IX, of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects individuals from discrimination and applies to institutions that receive federal assistance. Because the scope applies to state and local level institutions, even state Universities have a responsibility to enforce these regulations and protect it’s students from sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault - and as the country... Continue Reading →

The Self-Loathing Man

“Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.”  ― Albert Camus PREFACE I want to begin this piece by leading the reader on a brief thought journey. This is a mental exercise that needs to be made honestly and earnestly within one’s own mind to better understand the topic at hand. Following that,... Continue Reading →

Street Epistemology in Public Administration

Discussing difficult issues with compassion and reason Many public administrators find themselves in a bad light from time to time either from actions directly associated with their agency, or completely removed. It is no secret that public administrators are sometimes seen as a faceless ineffective government worker stuck in the “iron cage” of bureaucracy as... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Moments

When one has their first child, a parent is repeatedly told “enjoy these moments” - as if it is so easy. Since my first was born, I have tired, everyday, to literally try to enjoy and embrace every single moment and it has been my experience that you just cannot. For one, the way I... Continue Reading →

The Jedi Legacy

Having been a big Star Wars fan (movies and the now obsolete extended universe, of course), I kept finding deep anti-democratic, anti-liberty, anti-individualist sentiment within the Jedi order – I saw this attitude so often within the original, prequel, and books, it seems almost like a theme for the Jedi. When one sees the immoral,... Continue Reading →

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