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On Woman’s Suffrage and Liberty (The Woman’s Suffrage Movement book review)

May 2020 Dear X and Y,  I took part in a feminist book club here on my University’s Campus. Main reason being I do not know a lot about the women's suffrage movement, it was a free club, and it included a free book! I learned a lot and they had extra books so I... Continue Reading →

Practical Program Evaluations [Book Review]

Scientific inquiry has largely been embraced in the post-Enlightenment era and has continually assisted people to investigate, observe, and improve processes or events. It is within human nature to suffer from certain biases and fallacies to either not understand the way something happens, or distort it to confirm our own beliefs (Shermer, 65). People have,... Continue Reading →

The Mind of the Market [Book Review]

As I was finishing The Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer (of which I have a signed copy), I was having a discussion with a fellow business major. This hard-headed, toddler-like buffoon was no stranger to less than critical thinking – but since he asked about the book I was reading, I told him.... Continue Reading →

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