Book Available! “Public Administration and Enlightenment Ethics” is now out!

I turned my grad thesis into a book. If you want a copy complete the order form here:

$10 per book / $20 per signed book


The field of public administration holds strong values and virtually uniform ethical principles across the profession. These ethics and values are based in the ideals of the Enlightenment and continue to be a guiding force in the profession to this day. Since the founding of the country, the United States has been led by these ideals of civic duty, democratic values, liberty, tolerance, honesty and integrity. Because these values are shared and make up the field of thought, it is important for managers, students, and educators alike to recognize and learn the history of these foundational values and reasoning for the field to better preserve and serve the public. Although there are numerous ethical theories that can and are used within the field of public administration, this paper will argue that all theories derive from the Enlightenment and carry with them the same ethical values – the Enlightenment simply clears the way for better ideas.

Keywords: Public administration, Enlightenment, ethics, values, philosophy

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